Our Team



The Founder of Cowboy Fitness.

Jack Chen(特级)


Canadian Fitness Association CanFitPro certified fitness instructor, with emergency first aid and CPR C-level certification, good at muscle growth, fat reduction, shaping, physical training, postpartum recovery, physical temperament training.

Daniel Li(特级)


Canadian Bodybuilding Association CPA Toronto Championship fitness men's high group champion, fitness for many years, personal experience, good at motivating the potential of guests, through fitness to help guests challenge themselves, with CanFitPro certified fitness instructor, emergency first aid and CPR C-level certification, good at increase Muscle, fat reduction, shaping, physical training, postpartum recovery, physical temperament training.

Joe Fan(高级)


Graduated from York University with a Financial Accountability, graduated with a degree in Economic Analysis from Brock University, and a degree in Kinematics. He has always loved sports and is willing to share his personal experience with others. His athletic talents are outstanding. In high school, he has repeatedly represented the school team in city-level track and field competitions. I have been in contact with fitness for more than 5 years. I have been working for more than three years. There are many successful student cases, good communication with people and clear communication skills to the trainees.

Canadian Fitness Association CanFitPro Certified Fitness Instructor with CPR C First Aid License, DTS LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION, DTS LEAN BODY COACH CERTIFICATION, DTS HYPERTROPHY FUNDAMENTAL CERTIFICATION, LOWER BACK PAIN SPECIALIST, good at muscle building, fat reduction, shaping, physical training, TRX System training, body shape correction, exercise rehabilitation, waist rehabilitation treatment training, etc.

Bill Wang(高级)


Graduated from the health information major of York University, from the beginning of university to now, eight years of contact with fitness, know the importance of unremitting efforts, on the road of fitness, there have been setbacks and pains, but never give up efforts. Training smarter, knowing what's best for you, how to go further and train more efficiently. I have been working for more than three years, and I have learned a lot from various commercial gyms. I hope we can go more smoothly and steadily on the road of fitness.

Can Fit Pro Qualification, CPR Level C & AED. Canadian Physique Alliance Men's Physique competitor. DTS Level One Certified. The road to fitness is not easy, and sometimes most of what you want in life won't give you, but if you work hard enough, you will achieve most of what you want. Believe God helps those who help themselves, believe in yourself.

Bing Li(高级)


Graduated from University of Waterloo, Comouting and Financial Management. At the age of 16, he began to practice hip-hop, at the age of 18, he began to practice boxing, and at the age of 23, he started weight training and studied nutrition matching. He has many years of training experience. In 2016, I obtained the Canadian CanFitPro Coach Qualification Certificate. Your body is your only home, so take care of it.

Elva Huang(高级)


Affinity, patience, training methods, two years of experience, masseur, CanFitPro certificate, CPR first aid, yoga instructor qualification, good at women to lose weight, shaping.

Denny Wu(特级)


       Loved all kinds of sports , but has been malnourished because of heavy studies. He is very thin and have no self-confidence. The university started to exercise systematically. It has been transformed from thin to muscular man for nearly 6 years. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in psychology. He is good at communicating with people. He likes to influence others with his healthy and active lifestyle, and teaches with careful and humorous words. He has worked as a personal trainer and body management for more than three years. He is also a member of the Cowboy Fitness start-up team and a club veteran personal trainer. Chinese national swimmers are proficient in Sanda, Muay Thai and boxing training. Has CanFitPro Certificate, CPR Certificate. He is good at gaining muscle, reducing fat, shaping, improving physical fitness, stovepipe and hip, recovery of postpartum body, and rehabilitation after injury in sports.

Summer Wang(特级)


Canada SAF professional bodybuilding model, Canada self-heating bodybuilding bikini champion, has repeatedly achieved the top 3 results in the bodybuilding competition, engaged in the fitness coach industry for many years, has a wealth of practical experience. Personal style is passionate, professional and patient, and can train very good results for all kinds of guests. Ranked No. 1 in Canada's Natural Bodybuilding Bikini CPA/OPA, Canada's SAF Bodybuilding Bikini Model No. 1, Canada's SAF Sports Body Competition No. 3, Canada's Physique Canada Women's Sports Bodybuilding No. 3, Canada's Montreal Natural Drug Testing Organization IDFA Natural Bodybuilding 3rd in bikini. She has a Canadian Fitness Association CanFitPro Certified Fitness Instructor, Emergency First Aid and CPR C Certificate, and National Sports Medicine Association (NASM) Sports Nutritionist Certificate. She is good at muscle strengthening, fat reduction, shaping, physical training, postpartum recovery, bodybuilding preparation, and physical temperament training.

James Xu(特级)


He has rich teaching experience, extensive professional knowledge in fitness and nutrition, and a friendly and amiable teaching attitude. He has 15 years of experience and a 70kg Muay Thai champion in the 2009 Shanghai Heroes Cup. His motto “I hope to bring a healthy lifestyle to every member”. Has CanFitPro certificate, CPR first aid, Asia Fitness senior personal trainer certification, Black Tiger Muay Thai Academy coach certification. Good at muscle building, shaping, weight loss, Thai Boxing, boxing aerobic combination.

Jimmy Sun(高级)


I love football and long-distance running, but I used to suffer from heavy schooling and irregular eating habits, which caused my weight to soar to 245 pounds. So I started systematic training after graduating from college. I have been changing from fat to a 165-pound muscle man for nearly 6 years. . I also hope to use my experience and enthusiasm and knowledge to help each student achieve their fitness goals. Canadian Fitness Association CanFitPro Certified Fitness Instructor with Emergency First Aid and CPR C Certificate. Good at muscle building, fat reduction, shaping, physical training, marathon.

Hao Min(高级)


I used to change my body shape to change my skinny body. After I got the harvest, I started to influence my friends and become a coach. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a double degree in Human Biology and Neurology and has a high demand for the scientific knowledge of fitness. Engaged in personal trainer and physical management for nearly two years. Motto: Fitness is the fairest thing in the world, how much to pay and how much to harvest. Has CanFitPro Certificate, CPR Certificate. Good at muscle growth, fat reduction, shaping, physical fitness, postpartum recovery.

Shengxian Wang(高级)


I graduated from university of Toronto, Canada, and have CanFitPro Certificate, OACP Certificate, Emergency First Aid and CPR Level C Certificate.

Rich theoretical knowledge, diverse training methods, simple and interesting courses. Good at building muscle, losing fat, body modification, physical training, good at communication and willing to share experience and knowledge with others.

Bob Song(高级)


I am humorous, full of passion, responsible, strict for training, strong business ability. Three years of fitness training (two years of strength lifting training), two years of experience. Motto 'No Lifts, No Gifts', Canfitpro PTS certified coach, CPR First aid Certificate. Good at strength training, muscle building, posture correction, to provide the best customer service experience, and according to the characteristics of each member to provide the most personalized training program.

Kevin Sun(特级)


Strong motivation, sense of responsibility, diverse training methods, three years of experience. Canadian Fitness Association certified private training specialist. Has a cardiopulmonary resuscitation A certificate, automatic external defibrillator certificate, clean diet course certificate, stress and resilience course certificate. Good at strength, muscle gain, fat loss, energy consumption.

Cynthia Xia(特级)


Experienced, extremely affable, gentle and patient, proficient in a variety of training methods, post-natal repair experience, the motto "Think of it!"

Canadian Fitness Association CanFitPro certified fitness instructor, former professional model, with emergency first aid, CPR, IFBB Certified Fitness Personal Trainer, IFBA Certified Postpartum Rehabilitation Course, IFBB Certified Fitness Dietitian Specialist and more than 10 years of fitness experience. Good at postpartum recovery, fat reduction, shaping, and personal temperament.

Jie Cui(高级)


He loved sports since he was a child. He began to receive professional track and field training and football training at the age of 8. He received 2 years of special physical skills and strength training after graduating from college. He has participated in Cowboy Fitness 21-day plastic thin and one-on-one private lessons. 20 years of physical training experience, 4 years of professional fitness experience. With Canadian Fitness Association CanFitPro certified fitness instructor, emergency first aid and CPR C-level certification, China's national second-level athletes, China's 100-meter sprint national second-level athletes, more than 20 years of physical training experience, good at muscle growth, weight loss, fat loss, plastic Shape and physical training.

Alfred Xiang(高级)


Patience, responsibility, affinity, four years of fitness, two years of experience, the former Hunan Provincial Swimming Team team, won the 2014 "Tough Mudder", motto "Hard Work Pays Off", I am born to be useful. Has a CanFitPro certificate and CPR first aid. He is good at muscle building, fat reduction and shaping. He arranges fitness and diet plans according to the fitness goals of members.

Sarah Chen(高级)


I am serious and responsible in work, with strong affinity, good at communicating with others, and will listen to the requirements and needs of members patiently. Due to the trouble of weight, I started to engage in fitness, knowing that it is not easy to insist, and I hope to make everyone better. Motto: If YOU CAN, YOU CAN!

ACE licensed trainer, experienced, good at building muscle, shaping and fat loss, strength training, professional one-on-one training, abdominal waistcoat is not a dream.



I decided to be a fitness instructor because I helped my friend lose 40 jin in half a year. Every client I've worked with for the past three years has felt a change in his or her body. Good at setting personalized fitness plan according to the needs and actual conditions of customers. Serious and responsible, patient and reliable, for me, your change is the best reward for me.

CanFitPro Certified, CPR Level C & AED, DTS Level 1 Certified, especially good at female remodeling, body correction.

Ryan Bao(中级)


Polite friendly approachable at york university in Toronto love singing of rap and basketball had a good at helping our clients improve their image and graphic model clothing collocation to be affinity clear customer demand, American Council on Exercise (the national sports commission) certified coach rich theoretical knowledge and comprehensive practice ability to help clients to achieve a healthy lifestyle