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Programs We Offer

Cowboy Fitness Personal Training is tailored to each member's different situations. Through strength training, aerobics, HIIT, etc., with a reasonable diet plan, the member's lifestyle can be changed in an all-round way to achieve a fundamentally improved body. The coach combines training and theoretical knowledge. Members do not passively complete the movements in the course. Instead, they actively learn fitness knowledge and slowly integrate fitness into life and become a habit.

21 Day Fat Reduction Camp

The Cowboy Fitness Fat Reduction Camp is a 21-day project that serves members with a relatively large weight base. It is the leading weight loss exercise course with the best fat loss and highest user satisfaction. The course combines scientific training with healthy eating, and through the supervision and guidance of the coach, the members can quickly master the weight loss diet plan and fitness common sense, relying on the unique weight loss method to scientifically reduce weight in Asian body, and finally Help members develop good habits for fitness. The founder of Cowboy Fitness personally took the lead and led you through the perfect transformation of 21 days. Since 2015, the number of camp members has reached more than 1,000, with an average weight loss of more than 8%. In addition, the camp has a cash prize of 3,000 Canadian dollars in the championship and runner-up!